Someone negate the points of this video, please.

Watch this video and negate the claims, please.

I really want to know how much is true versus how much is false… public records, not opinions! Ignore the obvious plugs for McCain’s campaign… focus on the rest.

If Obama had anything to do with the creation of this economic situation like this video claims, he should be crucified (not literally) by the media for it. Democrats always claim to look out for the poor, but all this has done has pushed them out to the curb. Someone present me with some facts I can feel better about… this seems all too good to be true. was a simple prank.

A Little of the Geeky Background

Before you read any further, get this straight: I DO NOT OWN THE DOMAIN. It is still unknown who purchased the domain.

I’ve got the knowledge that should squelch any thoughts otherwise by any logical person. Admittedly, I found it amusing and slightly humorous, if for no reason but it was grounds for a great lesson in DNS and Domain Registration.

–Original Content Omitted–

I love my job and the technology I get to deal with on a daily basis… It’s amazing what some people will believe without understanding how the internet, browsers, email clients, and servers work when presented with partial evidence.

Erroneous Claims

All of the sites claiming or inferring John McCain’s campaign owns the domains and registered them privately to dodge the possible scandal are making up what they think is news without actually checking the facts. The truth is it could be anyone that registered the domains (including Sarah Palin herself) but the proof can only be obtained with a subpoena to the Private Registration holder DomainsByProxy. DomainsByProxy happens to be used by GoDaddy and Network Solutions, the biggest domain registrars on the internet. I have used DomainsByProxy for a couple of my domains in the past (and on a somewhat unrelated note I started receiving credit card offers in the mail shortly after I discontinued using their services). That doesn’t mean that my domains were once owned by John McCain’s campaign does it? To reiterate: for the record, I DO NOT OWN THE DOMAIN. It is still unknown who purchased the domain. [Read more…]